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Featured Article September 2013

The Effects of Good Coaches on the Bottom Line

By Hank Curtis

Hank CurtisBusiness managers could take queues from the sporting world, (perhaps forgoing the Gatorade showers after the big meeting) but like their coaching counterparts the more successful managers realize that they’re not just managing groups of people, but rather coaching people that make up dynamic and effective teams.

The world's best sports coaches develop each team member to reach their full potential, while simultaneously pushing the entire team to success. Likewise, good business managers realize managing or coaching ‘through their teams’ can help their own teams to be...

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Using Mentor Feedback for Leadership Development

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy UnruhNo one exists in a vacuum, especially not in the business world.  The rise up to a management position requires networking, mentoring, and co-workers helping you along the way.  When you reach upper management, you need a mentor on your side even more than usual. You're dealing with pressure and situations that you don't encounter before you reach this level in the corporation, so getting a mentor who has years of experience in this environment is essential.  Take your time choosing a mentor.  You want someone you can easily communicate with, who is a natural teacher, and who can take your input, suggestions, and

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Leadership Tips

Recognize Performance 

Frequently offer genuine compliments to others regarding their effective job performance.  Compliment coworkers on their success. Don't forget about rewarding small achievements.  Set a daily goal to say positive things.

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5 Ways Managers can Build Trust

A lack of trust between employees and employers can have disastrous effects for a company.  Employees are more likely to feel apathetic about their jobs and feel less incentive to work harder and contribute to the success of a company.  Earning the trust of your employees is one of the most... 

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