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Featured January 2015

Coaching the Humble: Invest in Your Rookies

By Liz Wiseman, Bestselling Author and Executive Advisor

Liz WisemanIn many organizations, coaching has become the go-to tool for executive development. For many executives, an executive coach has become a status symbol or a benefit that they are entitled to. Forbes reports that spending among corporate titans, such as GE, Goldman Sachs, and Google, totals $1billion per year in the U.S. alone.

Is this investment in coaching being made wisely? Most companies spend considerable energy ensuring this investment is being made with the right people. But are we making these investments at the right time? In far too many cases, precious resources are wasted on talent that doesn’t currently have an appetite for development.

Several years ago I participated in an important coaching initiative for a large, global enterprise. They gathered ten top leadership coaches to work with their top twenty executives (each coach working with two executives). At the end of the initiative, the coaches met to reflect on the outcomes and learning. This was a group of masterful leadership experts, so I was blown away as I listened to them discuss...

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Feedback is a Two-Way Street

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy UnruhFor some people, the term “feedback” is like a four-letter word, perceived as a euphemism for judgment and even condemnation. Because of that, people often shy away from both delivering and receiving feedback, but that becomes a lost opportunity. Because, in fact, feedback is also about praise and recognition; it can be a very positive and powerful tool, and it can be useful for fine-tuning skills, improving communication and collaboration, and motivating your employees.

Of the companies that wish to establish a developed feedback program, many engage in a 360 feedback program only once, and then forget to follow up. It’s tough for anyone to make adjustments to work style, behavior, or mentality—and know that they’re making the right changes— if there are too many....

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How to Identify your own Weaknesses and Grow as a Leader

Although some leaders might assume that their ascension to a leadership role indicates the company’s valuation of their strengths, they would do well to be ready to identify weaknesses so they can continue to learn and grow moving forward. Certainly, a leader’s strengths are important and a likely base for reasons behind a promotion. However, many times (for example, in sales organizations), what’s required for success in the leadership role is much different from—or even completely opposite of—what their previous role was. To become skilled at...

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