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Featured Article January 2013

Why your Employees are Jumping Ship

By Derek Murphy

Derek MurphyAh, the star employee. The one that goes above and beyond for every project, is a team player, and just seems to do everything right. 

Just as that employee can give your company some of its best days, it all comes crashing down the minute he or she gives you their two weeks’ notice.

While it’s easy to assume the employee left your business because they wanted more money, several workplace studies show that actually isn’t the driving force. 

One highly cited study comes from the Gallup Organization that surveyed more than 1 million employed U.S. workers from a broad range of companies...

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Key Ways to Manage Remote Workers

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy UnruhThere are more than 34 million Americans working at home, at least occasionally, according to the research firm, Forrester.  By 2016, that number is expected to hit 63 million, which estimates virtual workers will consist of 43% of the workforce.  That's a lot of people working in their pajamas. 

Working from home used to be viewed as a necessity in a limited amount of cases: bad weather, employee suffering from sickness, kids home from school, etc.  Some leaders in the past only saw the "home" part and not the "work" and did not believe employees had the...

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Leadership Tips

Encourage Teamwork

If you want to encourage teamwork, recognize the team for its successes.  Make it clear that active involvement is a valued and necessary component for a functioning team.  Publicly reward whatever team player activities are observed. 


From the Archives

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is talked about often. A sad reality however, is that some workplaces don't do the best job of respecting employees from all walks of life.

Now keep in mind we aren't trying to start a political discussion.  After all, diversity isn't just a political issue; it means bringing... 

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