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Do Generational Differences Affect Your Self-Assessment?

By Carlann Fergusson, Owner of Propel Forward LLC

fergusson.gifToo often I have heard from managers and recruiters who are Boomers or Generation X that Millennials have an unrealistic inflated view of their capabilities. On the other hand, many Boomers and Generation X have a deflated perception of their competencies.

Is this generational?

There are studies that would support that Millennials have an inflated view of their capabilities. A study of the generational differences in psychological traits of college students by Jean M Wenge and Stacy Campbell, (Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 23 No. 8, 2008) found that the Millennial generation has the highest scores of self-esteem and narcissism of any generation. Comparing scores of college-aged students on psychological inventories between 1950 and into the 2000s, the authors were able to track significant changes in...

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, A Take on Leadership Changes

By Jeremy Unruh

jeremy.jpgTaking the reins at one of the largest and most influential companies in history is an undoubtedly daunting assignment. Following in the footsteps of one of the most important figures in modern history only adds to the challenge.

Satya Nadella, the man tabbed for taking Microsoft into a new era of influence and prosperity as CEO, brings a wealth of experience, a uniquely international perspective, and a leadership style that will be tested as he commands an employee base of over 100,000 professionals. This transfer of leadership comes at a time when Microsoft faces challenges unlike any...

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Note the strengths, weaknesses and work preferences of your staff. Note the type of assignments best suited to each team member. If you consider your team members as collaborators rather than subordinates, it is easier to use each person's skills to create a shared outcome.

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As the tide continues to turn and the economy steadily (if sluggishly) rebounds from a historically trying recession, the outlook for most companies shifts toward efforts that will ensure their ability to take advantage of a more fruitful marketplace.  One of the most important avenues to pursue involves training and an overall initiative of investing in employees.  While the potential array of investment strategies varies based on industry and other factors...

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