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Featured Article April 2013

Hungry, Hungry, HiPos - Feed your stars, or kiss them goodbye

By Derek Murphy, CEO of The Booth Company

Derek MurphyAhhh, I recall with sincere fondness the memory of playing certain childhood games. Sorry, Monopoly, LIFE, and one of my personal favorites – Chutes and Ladders. Now, each of these has messaging, or themes, that could be related in some fashion or another to Corporate America – risk/reward; entrepreneurial spirit; getting ahead with good deeds and jobs well done; dropping down a few rungs on the ladder for our mistakes, etc., etc. However, I’ll spare you my trite connections (Connect Four!) on these beloved games, and instead turn my attention towards the focus of this article – the world of the hungry, hungry High-Potentials. 

Let’s first talk about it in plain, simple terms what it means to be a high-potential, or HiPo. Generally speaking, high-potentials are employees who can develop into leaders, rather than those who...

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Can you be a boss and a friend?

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy UnruhWhether you started the company at the same time, or just happen to have clicked during a company happy hour, most people end up making friends with some of their coworkers. It’s natural to do so since human beings are programmed to want to develop close and supportive relationships with others.
Some of the best friendships have been developed due to working together, however, that all can come to a screeching halt the day one friend is promoted over the other.

While it’s a common workplace struggle to effectively transition an individual performer to a leader role, it’s perhaps most difficult for the newly crowned manager. Now they are forced to adapt to not only more responsibility and work, but also understanding where the boundaries lie when it comes to..

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Leadership Tips

Be specific when giving feedback

Vague feedback such as "You need to improve" is useless. Specify what needs to be improved.  What have you noticed that was being done poorly? What does the person need to do differently? How will you and the person know improvement has occurred?

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Once a person makes it to a certain rank in their company, it can be easy to become complacent, especially when things are going great and seem pretty darn easy.  But instead of simply sitting back and coasting along, you could be long overdue for learning a new skill. 

If you are an efficient manager, you're always encouraging your employees to grow, learn and adapt to the workplace and now it's time for you to follow your own advice.  But where do you start? 

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