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Key People

We take great pride in our people...

Derek Murphy, CEO

Derek joined The Booth Company in 1996 and has served in a number of roles, including Data Analyst, Operations Manager, and President & COO. In his current role as CEO, he is responsible for planning and implementing the strategic direction of the company. In addition, Derek is involved in new product development and overseeing the day-to-day business operations for TBC.

TBC founder Dr. Daniel Booth, a pioneer in the field of assessment of leadership and management skills, served as a mentor to Derek for more than a decade. During this time, Derek became certified on TBC’s full line of management and leadership assessments. He currently uses these skills to lead content debriefings with customers and partners on a regular basis.
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In June 2010, Dr. Booth retired from TBC, turning over the ownership reins to Derek and fellow TBC officer Tom Kuhne. Together, they are working diligently to facilitate well-managed and steady growth while maintaining a commitment to personalized service.

Along with his duties at TBC, Derek is involved with the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Association of Learning Providers (ISA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the Association of Test Publishers (ATP). For nearly a decade, Derek has served as a mentor to students of all ages through Junior Achievement, a nonprofit organization.

Derek also serves as a columnist for ColoradoBiz Magazine, the state‘s preeminent business publication, and Leader's Beacon, an online blog for leadership topics. In his columns, Derek explores different topic areas in the management and leadership development space.

Derek received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a dual minor in Business Administration and Marketing Management from Salisbury University.

Tom Kuhne, Managing Partner and CTO

Tom joined The Booth Company in 1995 and has served in a number of roles, including Data Analyst, IS Manager, and VP & CIO. In his current role as Managing Partner and CTO, Tom is the driving force behind TBC's technology vision for the present and the future. He manages all aspects of TBC’s information systems, ensuring all systems meet the highest functionality and security standards.

Tom enjoys working hand in hand with clients and partners to make sure TruScore® delivers the technology and advancement that has become expected of it as a leader in the online assessment marketplace.
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In 2010, Tom and his business partner, Derek Murphy, took ownership of the company from TBC founder Dr. Daniel Booth. Under this partnership, Tom and Derek are responsible for creating an overall direction for the company. Together, they are overseeing TBC’s continued expansion into specialized survey hosting and custom multi-rater assessment markets.

Kurt Blazek, Design Director

Kurt uses a unique blend of strategic thinking with dynamic executions to create TBC’s visual and interactive design. He is responsible for creating, evolving, and sustaining the company’s brand to internal and external stakeholders through multiple mediums. He oversees all of TBC’s digital strategies, along with the implementation of social media tools and techniques.

Kurt leverages TBC’s marketing and messaging information to identify, evaluate, and apply methods to maximize the effectiveness of the search campaigns across all of the major search engines. He tracks and measures the ROI of email campaigns, direct print, and marketing websites.
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Kurt is also responsible for the analysis and execution of user-centric solutions for ongoing technical support and new software development. He develops and implements web GUIs for complex web applications as related to TBC’s 360 Assessment Platform. Kurt analyzes user evaluations; identifies weak areas, and spearheads improvement. In addition, Kurt researches, develops, and tests user interface concepts to determine failures and benchmark testing and evaluation.

Kurt began his career in Chicago at DDB Worldwide, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Kurt helped grow the interactive department from four to 25 employees, and was quickly promoted to Senior Art Director where he helped clients such as Clorox, Tyson Chicken, Discover Card, and other Fortune 500 companies create an online presence.

Kurt received his Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Design specializing in User Centric Design with a Minor in Photography from the Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design.

Diane Byington, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert

Diane Byington is an independent consultant who works with The Booth Company to help develop and deliver training, provide coaching around the survey feedback reports, and assist in the authoring of the technical content of the feedback reports. Dr. Byington is co-author of TBC's two-day management course, "Managing Through the Task Cycle," and serves as its master trainer. She has 30 years of experience working in the human services field as educator, writer, and coach. Her background is in organizational development and coaching. She has a B.A. in psychology from California State University, Master of Social Work from Florida State University, and a Ph.D. from Florida State University.

Hank Curtis, Business Development Manager

Hank manages and assists in the analyzing, planning, research, and development of TBC’s objectives and strategic plans in order to achieve business opportunities, growth, and financial profitability.

Hank drives the expansion of TBC’s direct and channel sales, establishes relationships with TBC’s clients, identifies new clients, and keeps up-to-date on industry trends and client developments.
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He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the 360 feedback assessments industry and has access to an international network of useful contacts in that area. Hank is proficient in formal proposal and presentation management writing, account planning, and performance monitoring.

In addition, Hank focuses on increasing brand awareness and coordinating public relations efforts.

Hank has a proven track record with more than 20 years of sales and business development experience. Under his direction, companies in various industries have reached unprecedented growth and sales. Hank received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jeremy Unruh, Marketing Manager

Jeremy brings nine years of marketing experience to The Booth Company with a broad range of media experience. He oversees all inbound and outbound marketing initiatives for TBC through a mix of Neuro-Marketing and strategic lead nurturing programs, which help create brand awareness and ensure growth.

Jeremy is an analytical individual that enjoys using in-depth research techniques to ensure TBC is positioned as the industry leader of 360 degree feedback assessments and survey hosting solutions. He tracks the ROI of all marketing campaigns with a close eye to ensure the right messaging is being translated to potential clients. Jeremy also contributes content for 360 Feedback: A Leadership Blog which is a leading industry blog for 360 degree feedback and leadership development.
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Jeremy came to the Booth Company with an existing passion for leadership with his pursuit of a Master’s degree in Communication Leadership from Gonzaga University. Jeremy received his Bachelor’s in Communications with a Minor in Film from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.®

Ellie Solomon, Lead Project Manager

Ellie manages project implementation for the entire 360 feedback process and ensures that each client’s unique needs are met on time and in an efficient manner. Ellie consults with clients who use TBC’s off-the-shelf Task Cycle® instruments as well as providing hosting solutions for clients using their own survey content, including custom processes and reports. She helps clients navigate through the TruScore® survey hosting software, having literally written the handbook that several clients are using.

She coordinates and implements all translation efforts, including soliciting bids, managing timelines, providing files to the translation companies, implementing translations for the web pages, and testing.
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Ellie is proficient in Adobe InDesign desktop publishing and uses those skills to help create TBC’s course materials for use by coaches and trainers.

Ellie is also a vital component of TBC’s production team. She ensures daily and weekly deliverables go out on schedule and launches assessments for new participants. In addition, Ellie quality checks feedback reports, reviews invoicing, and provides technical support to raters, participants, and client contacts.

Ellie graduated from Wellesley College with a dual major in History and Women’s Studies.

Crystal Hughes, Lead Project Manager

Crystal leverages her extensive background in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology as she manages the day-to-day operational and tactical aspects of multiple and large scale projects for TBC.

Crystal assists clients with setting up and managing feedback projects, and serves as the point of contact throughout the entire process. She quality checks feedback reports, and provides tech support when needed.
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Crystal is proficient in TBC’s TruScore® survey hosting software and feedback report language. She works with clients to help create new custom surveys and norms that are reliable and validated.

In addition to her work at TBC, Crystal has been involved with the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the Humane Society’s Strut-a-Mutt program, and TBC’s community softball team.

Crystal received her B.S. in Psychology from Western Carolina University, and completed her graduate work in I-O Psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Ashley Hart, Project Manager

Ashley applies over 10 years of administrative experience to her role as Project Manager for TBC. Throughout the entire survey process, Ashley works with clients to identify their needs and ensure they are being met. She assists in project set up and management, as well as processing and quality checking feedback reports. In addition, Ashley has made valuable contributions to TBC’s organizational system and is an integral member of the tech support team.

Ashley graduated from Brooks Institute with a B.A. in Industrial/Scientific Photography, and owns a fine-art pet portraiture business with her husband.

Rachel Everidge, Office Manager

Rachel manages TBC’s accounts receivables, accounts payables, human resource functions, employee payroll, and review and negotiation of most vendor contracts. She works closely with TBC’s CEO, CTO, and accounting resources in preparing all appropriate month-end, quarter-end, and year-end statements.

Rachel possesses a thorough understanding of TBC’s off-the-shelf and custom solution pricing and therefore can quickly and competently answer any cost related questions that may arise. In addition, Rachel also supervises new employee orientation, and organizes various office events.
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Prior to her current position, Rachel served as Project Manager for TBC. In that role, she monitored the entire survey process and communicated effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate business solutions. Rachel also processed data into feedback reports and reviewed these reports to ensure the project documents maintained the highest quality standards.

Rachel received her dual Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Appalachian State University.

Great People Come First

We understand that a great company starts with great people and we take pride in the fact that our people are focused, practical, and can execute. Each person is an integral piece to the larger picture with the same goal in mind, the success of The Booth Company. As each person with their unique talents and shared goal works through their responsibilities we are reminded that without them the success of TBC would not happen.

Daniel J. Booth, Ed.D., Founder

Dr. Daniel J. Booth, Founder of The Booth Company, began his consulting practice in 1972. Initially, he conducted communication skill workshops for educators and managers, using Dr. Thomas Gordon's leadership model and Dr. Ronald Lippett's consultation model. In 1976, while consulting for IBM's Boulder Labs, he was introduced to their worldwide "360 feedback" morale management program. Thoroughly impressed with the wholesomeness and power of the program, Dr. Booth was prompted to begin designing and conducting his own survey/feedback programs for regional clients, such as Coors, Denver Water Board and PSCO. These successful projects led to national clients such as Roche Labs and Hewlett Packard.

Dr. Booth's academic degrees include a doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder (1974), an M.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana (1966), and a B.A. from Roosevelt University at Chicago (1962). Recent publications include a technical paper with Clark Wilson and others in Impact of Leadership, A Facilitator's Manual for Clark Wilson's Survey of Management Practices, and "Mastering Managerial Skills," a one-day course for corporate universities.

In June of 2010, Dr. Booth officially retired from his CEO position. However, he continues his work with TBC as an executive coach, master trainer, and all-around subject matter expert.