As the health care industry continues to evolve, Banner Health sought to build upon its multiple leadership development programs to meet the growing needs of its workforce. Committed to the development of its emerging and High Potential leaders and desiring a stronger focus on succession management, the company needed a reliable 360 vendor to help establish a solid 360 feedback program that could provide:

  • Validated competencies and extensive norm base
  • Tailored surveys to fit the Banner Health leadership framework
  • Adaptable, user-friendly online survey hosting


Banner Health partnered with TBC to implement 360 assessments to focus on Banner’s behaviors and provide a differential investment in Banner’s emerging and High Potential leaders. TBC provided Banner Health with:

  • Customized, validated surveys consisting of reliable competencies and comparisons to an extensive normative database relevant to each level of leadership being measured
  • All participant, rater and administrator activities handled online through TBC’s TruScore® survey hosting platform
  • Custom development tips designed for each role-based survey

In addition, Banner Health wrapped extensive coaching and training around TBC’s 360s, and uses the company’s data to complement and help direct those workshops and individual training programs.

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With Booth’s extensive database and expertise around leadership development, we were able to customize the 360 assessments to fully meet our needs...
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