Partner Assessments

Engagement, EQ

and More

Harrison Assessments

Create employee engagement for business results

The Harrison smart questionnaire measures 175 behavioral competencies and employee engagement factors in only 25 minutes, and the Decision Analytics Toolkit enables you to easily identify the key success factors for your specific jobs. The process provides strong legal compliance and easy integration with other systems.

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HRDQ Assessments

Experiential Training and Development Resources

Whether you are administering staff assessment, employee skills assessment or need leadership assessment tools, HRDQ offers online assessments for skill development on a wide range of soft-skills topics, including change management, communication, leadership, negotiating, and more.

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Wiseman Assessments

Assessments based on the best selling books

Wiseman has developed tailor-made assessment tools to support all of their investigations and analyses. Whether you are looking for a robust Multipliers 360º, a Utilization Index or Self Assessment they have the tools and techniques to help you get the information you need efficiently.

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Index for Emotional Intelligence

Mastery of leadership requires EQ

The Research is Undeniable: Mastery of Leadership requires a high level of Emotional Intelligence or “EQ.” The Adele Lynn Leadership Group provides the Index of Emotional Intelligence, which is a fully validated 360 assessment that measures self-awareness and control, empathy, social expertness, personal influence, and mastery of purpose and vision.

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